Refund And Cancelation Policy

Please read as you will be essentially entering into a contract with ProRider Medford Training, once you pay your class fee. Even if you allow someone else (like a dealer) to book your class for you or your book over the phone, our policies still apply.

Covid-19 Crisis:
During this crisis if you have any flu-like symptoms before or during class, please be respectful of fellow students and coaches and remain home, then contact our office to discuss options to continue your training.

Like missing an airplane
Refund and cancelation policy classes will continue without you. ProRider Medford offers no refunds once class has started, and students agree to the following:
I agree and understand that I MUST complete this course in its entirety. If I miss any segments of the course (this includes being tardy), I will not be able to continue and I will have to register and pay for a new class to receive a certificate.
I understand and agree that there are no refunds of any kind for this class and that I must give a minimum of 3 business days notice to reschedule (see below).

You will forfeit your entire course fee if you:
Begin training on the motorcycle at the range and then leave for any reason.
Arrive late for range training – period.
Leave during any part of the class to include weather delays causing the class to run over the scheduled time.
Do not wear the proper apparel/gear for riding.
Are dismissed by the instructor for any reason.
Self-cancel out (quit)

ProRider Medford assumes no responsibility for classes missed as a result of illness or emergencies**


Classes take place in Ashland from 8 A.M to 4 P.M. Any questions please call (541) 499-8513.

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